The Buttonhook Society
Welcome to the homepage of the Buttonhook Society, and The Boutonneur.
This site contains information about collecting buttonhooks, and their history. These Victorian era tools were designed to help pull buttons through stiff leather on shoes and boots, or to fasten buttons on garments. Most found today date from the 1880s to the 1930s, but an early reference to this useful tool dates back to 1611.
Buttonhooks appear in many shapes and sizes, and materials utilised range from steel to gold, and from early plastic to inlaid gems. Buttonhooks are wonderful collectible items and are collected worldwide. Check the menu panel at the left of each page for a selection of articles and photographs.
Temporarily suspended subscriptions
Dear member.
At the AGM of the Buttonhook Society on 11th June 2022, Paul Moorehead resigned as Chairman and editor of the newsletter.
We are greatly indebted to Paul for his vision in founding the Society 42 years ago, and for the dedication and commitment he has given to it in that time. It has brought together collectors of buttonhooks and has given us the vehicle to share information we would otherwise have found it difficult to obtain.
The feeling of the meeting was that the Society should continue, and it was unanimously agreed that Paul should be Life President. Penny Savill was elected as the new Chairman.
Unfortunately, publication of our newsletter, The Boutonneur, may not continue in its present form and discussion is taking place while a new editor is found. In view of this, it was decided to temporarily suspend subscriptions.
Reproductions, conversions & fakes
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